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How does it work?

It's simple - the assistant will ask you a short set of questions and then calculate your termination pay obligations depending on your province's laws. 

You can ensure compliance in minutes.

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The compliance issue.

We get it - employment standards compliance has become increasingly challenging. 

Ontario alone saw 11 718 ESA violation investigations in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

So we built Canada's first Offboarding Assistant - the only tool that calculates your termination pay obligations based on your province or territory's laws. 

What is the offboarding assistant?

Think of this as a personal digital expert that "knows" your province's employment standards legislation. 

When you need to terminate an employee, don't wade through labour laws to stay compliant - trust your assistant. It's got the facts.

We've got your back - your assistant will show you how and why it arrived at its calculation.

After every use, we provide a PDF that breaks down the calculations and details any assumptions and disclaimers.

 We want this record to help you understand the compliance process. 

How do you know the calculations are accurate?

Conquering Canadian compliance

We’re also establishing Canada as an innovation centre. This is a homegrown product – made in Canada, for Canadian businesses, by Canadians.

Currently, our Offboarding Assistant is live on our Evolv plans. But, if you're on a payroll plan, sign up below and we'll notify you when the offboarding assistant is available to you.

Most businesses struggle with compliance. 
We'll fix that.

The road to the Offboarding Assistant was filled with challenges. Translating complex provincial employment legislation into logical code, developing a dialogue method, and ensuring compliance were hurdles the team overcame with passion and innovation. 

The result? A tool that makes compliance as easy as a few clicks. 

Meet the team 

A Journey Through Complexity

A Digital Solution for Today's Businesses

Our Offboarding Assistant leverages AI and machine learning to understand and interpret employment legislation.

It also provides a valuable PDF record for audits and legal protection.

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